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Item Name: PS4 Controller Charger Dock ,PS4 Controller Charger Field for Ps4
Label: 15.18 USD easiest!!!
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Retailer: eBay US

Description: The Ideal PS4 Controller Charger Dock ,PS4 Controller Charger Field for Ps4 has PS4 Controller Charger Dock ,PS4 Controller Charger Field for Ps4 eBay PS4 Charger with Updated Like a flash-Charging Port The ps4 twin charging build with the upgraded copper contactor, present fastest charging scuttle to cost your ps4 some distance-off controllers in 2 hours concurrently, The ps4 charger docking build is great love minded with Playstation4 / PS4 / PS4 Slim / PS4 Pro Controller, saving your recreation time and hang extra stress-free. Sure Led Indicator on PS4 Charging Field With determined led indicator, The ps4 controller charging build would gift the charging predicament clearly, Red Light ability your ps4 some distance-off is charging, Green Light ability entirely charged or standby. Helpful for you to know the predicament referring to the dualshcok PS4 controller charging predicament. Keen Chip & Exact Charger for PS4 Controller The PS4 Controller Charging Field constructed-in realistic chip and offers over-charging,over-voltage, immediate-circuit protection, You dont timorous about over charged your ps4 wireless controller even be conscious in a single day. Exact and reliable to cost your ps4 / ps4 educated / ps4 slim controller. Legit PS4 Controller Stand This ps4 controller charger build love minded with Sony playstation4 dualshock controller , the ps4 charging build is designed to cost and storage double controllers at the connected time, Storage your controllers in the Sony PS4 controller charger dock when no longer taking part in games, and it would now not absorb indispensable room. Multi Strength Provide Devices& Compatibility The ps4 charging build energy in the course of the USB port from both the PS4/ PS4 Slim/ PS4 Pro console, PC or wall energy supply (Exhibit:wall adapter isn’t any longer integrated!) And the controller charging build for playstation4 controller can love minded with Sony PS4 PS4/ PS4 Pro/ PS4 Slim Controller completely.

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