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Item Name: 1/6 Female Body Plump Hip Leg Figure Doll Worldbox AT202 for 12″ Hot Toys Phicen
Price: 59.98 USD only!!!
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Store: eBay US

Our Review:
EBay is a great place to find some great deals for collectors of 1/6-sized female figures. One such popular item is the Worldbox AT202 for 12″ Hot Toys Phicen, which makes a great purchase for those who wish to have an attractive, yet affordable female figure.

The AT202 is a full-bodied figure which captures the beauty of the human form in a perfect 1/6 scale. It is crafted using a mix of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and poly-cotton material, which gives a smooth and realistic finish. The figure stands at about 12 inches in total height with real-life proportionate body measurements. It features a pre-assembled head sculpture and detachable limbs for easier dressing and adjustment.

What sets this figure apart from others is its plump hip and leg parts. The hips have a generous layer of padding, giving the figure a very attractive feminine silhouette. The legs come with two layers of flexible fabric, allowing them to be adjusted to a desired position. Additionally, the fabric helps to prevent any red marks when clothes are removed and put on. The thigh gap between the legs is just right and will create a pleasing visual that adds an extra level of realism.

In terms of design and accessories, the AT02 comes with a variety of pieces to help customize the figure. It includes several pairs of extra hands, two armless tops, and two pairs of shoes. It also includes two wigs and two pairs of eyes, giving buyers the option to create their own unique look.

In conclusion, the Worldbox AT202 for 12″ Hot Toys Phicen is a great choice for anyone looking for a realistic, yet affordable 1/6 female figure. It features plump hips, leg parts, and a mix of PVC and poly-cotton fabric for a smooth finish. The included accessories allow for easy customization, making it an ideal choice for collectors.

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