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Item Name: 1/6 Scale Male Muscular Body JXS01 for Hot Toys TTM22 Worldbox AT011
Price: 36.82 USD only!!!
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Our Review:
The search for the perfect 1/6 scale male muscular body for Hot Toys TTM22 Worldbox AT011 can be a daunting task. For those who are looking for the most realistic body that fits their needs and will fit the AT011 figure perfectly, the JXS01 body is the ideal choice.

The JXS01 body is designed to be extremely realistic and highly detailed, with each detail carefully crafted. The body is made from a flexible plastic that is designed to have a perfect fit, ensuring the body will not move or deform due to its placement in the AT011 figures. The plastic material also helps to make sure that the body doesn’t slip or become loose over time due to its durable design.

The body has a natural physique, with a realistic muscle tone and definition. The arms are sculpted to look like arms with a strong line and definition, and the legs are sculpted to look like powerful legs with a firm stance. The body also features a poseable neck with a blend of realism and motion that make the figure look even more natural.

In addition to its lifelike appearance, the body is designed to be a compatible size to fit the Hot Toys TTM22 Worldbox AT011 figures. The body is made with the same specifications and dimensions of the dolls, making it easy to switch bodies and figures without having to worry about compatibility issues.

Overall, the JXS01 1/6 scale male muscular body for Hot Toys TTM22 Worldbox AT011 is the ideal choice for those looking for a realistic, detailed and compatible body for their prized Hot Toys collection. With its lifelike features, durable material and compatible design, this body is sure to provide a great replica for any collection.

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