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Item Name: Little Big Planet Figure Sackboy Sackbot Console Kitty 3” 6” Toys killzone
Price: 7.49 USD only!!!
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Our Review:
Even the most dedicated PlayStation fans know that the Little Big Planet series was a game changer. With the immense popularity of these titles and their colorful cast of characters, it is no surprise that several toy manufacturers have taken a crack at creating collectible figures from these games. Among the choices of Little Big Planet figures on the market, none stand out quite as much as the Sackboy and Sackbot console Kitties 3” and 6” toys killzone available on eBay.

When it comes to build quality and eye catching design, these figures do not disappoint. With bodies made of durable, high quality plastic and faces sculptured to match their in-game counterpart, these figures capture the signature charm and appearance of the game in impressive detail. The colors also live up to the game’s vibrant style, with different colors and patterns with which to customize their Sackboy or Sackbot friends.

In addition to their attractive design, the figures come with plenty of extras. The 3” Scale figures are packaged with a themed cardboard set piece and a code redeemable for in-game content. The 6” figures include an assortment of cloth accessories and a battle armor set. These bonuses give these figures a unique edge that make them stand out amongst other Little Big Planet merchandise.

Ultimately, these figures aren’t just something to look at. Kids and adults alike can interact with these figures, making the world of Little Big Planet come to life in the comfort of their home. They can imagine the endless adventures of Sackboy and his friends with the various armor and add-on pieces, or just use them as decoration. With their interactive features, colorful designs, and ample bonuses, the Sackboy and Sackbot Console Kitties 3” and 6” toys killzone are the perfect addition to any PlayStation fan’s collection. Such a great product at half the cost of what it would be sold in-store, these figures are a real deal and the best of their kind on eBay.

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