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Item Name: Star Wars Legion Alternate Art Promo Cards
Price: 10.00 USD only!!!
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Star Wars Legion Alternate Art Promo Cards on eBay

With the ongoing success of Star Wars Legion, players around the world have been searching eBay for alternate art promo cards. Commonly known as ALT3 cards, these printed pieces of cardboard give players a unique look at their favorite characters and vehicles. Whether you’re a battle hardened veteran or a new recruit, these pieces of art make for a great addition to any collection.

The Star Wars Legion Alternate Art promo cards are high quality cards that feature unique images of your favorite characters and vehicles. This card set was released exclusively at conventions to promote the game, and was not meant for general sale. With the limited quantity, these cards have become quite sought after by die hard players.

These cards feature alternate art from some of the most popular and iconic characters from the Star Wars universe. Characters like Rey, Luke, Darth Vader, and Han Solo are just a few of the cards available in this series. Alt cards feature artwork ranging from original sketches to full-color pieces.

Each card also contains game play modifiers that can be used to modify the in-game rules. These game modifiers may range from discounts to play specific actions, to extra health for characters. With this variation in game modifiers, each card makes for a truly unique game play experience.

For any Star Wars Legion fan, these cards are an incredible addition to their collection. With both collectible and game play values, these cards make for a great purchase on eBay. There are currently several listings for these cards with prices ranging from $10 to over $100. With hundreds of cards in the series, it’s sure to be a long search, but the look of these cards just makes it worth it.

So for any Star Wars Legion fan looking to start or add to their collection, check out eBay for the Star Wars Legion Alternate Art promo cards. With both iconic and unique art, they remain a great addition to any player’s collection.

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