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Item Name: 4 Pack MLOK Aluminum 3 Slot 5 Slot 7 slot 13 Slots Rail Section Weaver Picatinny
Price: 13.99 USD only!!!
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Our Review:
For those looking for an efficient and affordable way to improve the versatility of their rifle with

versatile handguard accessories, an MLOK aluminum 3-slot, 5-slot, 7-slot and 13-slot rail section weaver

picatinny available on eBay is the perfect solution. Crafted for use with Picatinny and Weaver styled accessories,

these rail sections provide options for mounting lights, grips, bipods, lasers, scopes and other accessories with precision.

The entire set of four rail sections is constructed from high-strength, lightweight aircraft aluminum that is able to withstand

rough use. Each kit comes with 3-slot, 5-slot, 7-slot, and 13-slot weaver picatinny rail sections, with each piece

featuring its own unique length and size.

The 3-slot rail section measures 7-inch in length and features a rail design that allows for flush mounting of accessories.

The 5-slot rail section has a length of 3.2-inch and is ideal for mounting accessories closer to the barrel. The 7-slot rail section

has a 2.7-inch length and is suitable for mounting accessories closer to the muzzle. Finally, the 13-slot rail section measures

2.1 inches, making it best for mounting accessories within the handguard assembly.

Each of the rail sections also has beveled ends for smoother transition, with pre-drilled mounting holes for easy

installation. This MLOK aluminum 4-pack rail section set also comes with all necessary mounting hardware and tools, making

it easier and faster to install.

In conclusion, the MLOK aluminum 4-pack rail section weaver picatinny is specifically designed for those looking for

handguard versatility. With its lightweight aircraft aluminum construction and pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation,

this is the ideal solution for your rail section needs. Get yours at eBay today.

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