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Item Name: 4 Gauge 50 Feet Total Red & Black High Performance Amplifier Power/Ground Cable
Price: 33.95 USD only!!!
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EBay is offering a 4-Gauge 50-Feet Total Red & Black High Performance Amplifier Power/Ground Cable at a competitive price. With its copper clad aluminum wire (CCAW) construction, this power/ground cable offers superior signal transfer along its length while remaining lightweight and flexible.

The cable is available in a red and black finish and includes a clear PVC jacket to protect it from short-circuits and other possible damages. It features terminated ends with a proprietary strain relief helps promote longevity, making sure it is durable enough to withstand high-power usage over time.

This power/ground cable is rated for a 400-amp maximum current capacity with a temperature range between -22 and 257 F (-30 to 125 C). It provides optimal power transfer with its thick four-gauge design, making it ideal for use with both amplified and normal sound systems.

This amplifier power/ground cable is perfect for use with all 12-volt DC systems, including car audio and marine audio setups. With its 50-foot total length, this power/ground cable is longer than most alternatives, allowing you to easily route the cable to your amp without worrying about unnecessary splicing.

For those looking for an amplifier power/ground cable that is both lightweight, flexible and provides a superior signal transfer, you can now pick up this 4-Gauge 50-Feet Total Red & Black High Performance Amplifier Power/Ground Cable from eBay at a competitive price. Pick yours up today, and enjoy a solid power/ground connection for your car, boat or other 12-volt DC system.

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