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Item Name: NEW Disney Doorables SQUISH’ALOTS 1″ Figure Squishalots YOU PICK! UPDATED 3/10
Price: 11.95 USD only!!!
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Introducing the newest addition to the Disney family – “NEW Disney Doorables SQUISH’ALOTS 1” Figure Squishalots!

These exciting newly-released figures bring a touch of fun, excitement and wonderment to any collection. Available in an ever-expanding variety of characters, each figure is unique and beautifully crafted. Featuring super-soft fabric and special sparkly details, these figures are the perfect addition to any Disney enthusiast’s collection.

The squishalots line is designed for ages 3 and up. With their cute and quirky personalities, kids are sure to be instantly drawn in by these figures. From classically-styled figures to modern designs and even silly characters, there is sure to be a squishalot that kids will love!

Each figure comes with its own individual “belly tap”, which activates the character’s personality. By tapping the figure’s belly, the character will come to life and interact with the surrounding environment. Kids will love dancing and playing around with the adorable structures and its own personality.

To collect them all, the Disney Squish’alots 1″ figures come with collectible cards that feature unique character images. You can also find a special code on each card to use on the Squish’alots app where kids can build up their own battles of Squish’alots figures.

These adorable figures are available now on eBay, UPDATED 3/10, and come with free shipping. Don’t waste any more time and come get your own!

The Squish’alots 1″ figures are sure to bring some fun and charm to anyone’s collection. With such a wide range of characters, it will be hard to choose just one. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

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