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Item Name: Sterling Protector Case Mainline 24 Pack for Hot Wheels & Matchbox Basic
Price: 34.95 USD only!!!
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Our Review:
The Sterling Protector Case Mainline 24 Pack is exclusively available on eBay and is the perfect way to keep your Hot Wheels and Matchbox Basic vehicles safe in one convenient package. This 24 pack provides a total of 24 individual cases that each measure approximately 6.5 inches long by 3.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches high. The cases are made of a durable hard plastic, with a clear lid that allows you to view the vehicles inside. Each case also includes a full-sized carrying handle, making it easy to transport.

The Sterling Protector Cases also feature a full enclosure, with all sides and the top securely closed. This means that the vehicles stored within are safe from dust, dirt, and any other elements that could cause damage. The protection of your Hot Wheels and Matchbox Basic collection is further enhanced by the shock absorbing foam padding inside each case, which safeguards against bumps, jostles and other impacts.

The cases are also stackable, so multiple cases can easily be stored and sorted together. Additionally, the cases have an integrated closure latch and are stackable, meaning that they can be stored upright as well as on their sides. For those who wish to store them horizontally, the cases also feature anti-slip feet, to keep them in place.

The Sterling Protector Case Mainline 24 Pack looks great, offers superior protection and is available exclusively on eBay. Don’t miss out and make sure to pick up your 24 pack today!

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