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Item Name: Pokemon Go Gholdengo (new rare pokemon) Good for great/ultra leauge
Price: 12.99 USD only!!!
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Our Review:
The newest addition to the Pokémon Go lineup, Gholdengo, is sending shockwaves through the gaming community. Fans have been eager for more rare and sought-after monsters for their collection, and this majestic flying dragon-type Pokémon does not disappoint. In addition to its impressive strength and ability to learn several powerful moves, Gholdengo is also proving to be an excellent contender for the Great and Ultra Leagues on eBay.

With a base combat power (CP) of 2,330, Gholdengo has the highest CP of any normal, non-legendary flying-type Pokémon available in Pokémon Go. Not only that, Gholdengo has access to a wide range of powerful moves, with two charge moves to choose from: Thunderbolt and Earthquake. This makes it a formidable opponent in all kinds of battles, both in the Great and Ultra Leagues of eBay.

Gholdengo’s access to both Electric-type and Ground-type moves means that it can easily counter popular offensive Pokémon such as Kazam and Mudskipper, making it an ideal pick for the Great and Ultra Leagues on eBay. Gholdengo’s rocky exterior also adds an extra layer of protection, making it difficult to take down in battle. Finally, the sheer size of Gholdengo is absolutely intimidating, making it the perfect companion for any trainer looking to win on eBay.

Any trainer who is looking for an edge in the Great and Ultra Leagues on eBay should definitely consider adding Gholdengo to their team. With its incredibly high CP, wide range of moves, and rocky defense, Gholdengo is sure to be a powerful force on the battlefield. If you are looking to boost your chances of winning on eBay, then Gholdengo is the perfect Pokémon for the job!

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