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Item Name: Disney Pixar Cars Mini Racers Loose | You Choose | Combine Shipping | Mattel Toy
Price: 9.99 USD only!!!
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Disney Pixar Cars enthusiasts rejoice! Now you can own your favorite characters as Mattel Toy’s Disney Pixar Cars Mini Racers. This exciting set of collectibles comes in a variety of characters and styles, perfect for your own miniature race to victory. With a wide selection of pricing options, you can speed up a collection or create the ultimate gift for your favorite Cars fan.

The Disney Pixar Cars Mini Racers are made with durable material for racing and collecting fun. Whether you are searching for Lightning McQueen, Mater, or one of their many friends, you’ll find them here. You can choose one of these cars for yourself or shop a wide selection of choices for the perfect gift for any car fan. Select from racers in a variety of styles and poses, from action hero stances to dress-up and formal appearances.

These cars stand 2.25″ high and are easy to display on your bookshelf or desk. They make great décor pieces, conversation starters, and imaginative playtime endeavors. With bright, bold colors and faithfully recreated details, you can create the perfect miniature replica collection of your favorite characters with the Disney Pixar Cars Mini Racers.

The best part of shopping for these cars on eBay is the convenience of combining shipping and bulk buying. Choose as many cars as you like and save on shipping by combining multiple purchases into one order. The shipping is also easy, with free shipping in the United States on orders over $35.

Buyers can also find various discounts and sales on the Disney Pixar Cars Mini Racers. Use eBay’s Deals page to find special discounts from their featured sellers. Now, you can begin to build your very own miniature Cars gang for racing and collecting. Check out the latest selection of Disney Pixar Cars Mini Racers on eBay today!

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