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Item Name: Marvel United Villains, Challenges, Locations ~ Kickstarter Minis, Promos, X-Men
Price: 35.00 USD only!!!
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Fans of superhero tales will be delighted to discover the variety of options available to them in this edition of Marvel United. From the Kickstarter Minis and Promos to the X-Men on eBay, Marvel United Villains, Challenges and Locations are a compendium of super-powered recognition and entertainment.

Kickstarter Minis

The Kickstarter Minis are full-color, two-dimensional figures featuring a wide range of characters from the Marvel Universe. The minis thread together to form an impressive 2-D display of the Marvel landscape. Choose your favorite hero or villain and connect them with the pull of a tab to create an interactive tabletop display.


In addition to the Kickstarter Minis, Marvel United also includes promotional materials. These include cards, stickers, pins, and other items featuring the characters from the game. Each promo allows you to show off your fandom in a clever and fun way. Plus, for the true fans, you can collect all the promo items to kick off your Marvel collection.

X-Men on eBay

If collecting individual pieces isn’t your thing, then check out the variety of X-Men related products available on eBay. From action figures to collectible cards, the possibilities are endless. You can find the items from the Marvel United game as well as other classic X-Men products. And with ebay’s shipping guarantees, you can rest assured your purchases are safe and secure.


For fans looking for an extra challenge, Marvel United includes puzzle cards. The cards feature characters and puzzles that test your knowledge of Marvel lore. Gather together with your friends and family and compete to see who can complete the puzzles first.


Another great feature of Marvel United is the locations. From iconic New York City to the far depths of space, the locations evoke a sense of wide-eyed wonder. Choose from a variety of locations to bring your superhero adventures to life.


If you’re looking for a unique experience that combines the world of Marvel superheroes with exciting gameplay, look no further than Marvel United. With the Kickstarter Minis and Promos, the X-Men on eBay, the challenging puzzles, and a variety of vibrant locations, the game is sure to entertain fans of all ages.

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