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Currently, some of the most popular, rare, and sought-after Roblox items have just been released in time for Halloween. MM2, a popular online game developed by Dream Craft, has released two new Godly items, Spectre and Phantom, available exclusively on eBay. These items can be found in the MM2 subsection of the online shop, allowing players to buy and collect these awesome Halloween-themed items.

The Spectre is a stylish jet-black and gray axe with a powerful slashing action. The Silver and Steel-colored blades of the axe are inscribed with a detailed and intricate design, making it an eye-catching and unique piece of weaponry. The item itself is rare, with only 500 copies available worldwide and only a limited amount of copies available each day.

The Phantom is a neat and slick axe with a vibrant neon color scheme. The Blade of the axe has a pink and blue aura around it, making it visually stunning. It is an exclusive item, with only 200 copies made, making it rare and hard to come by. In addition, the Phantom has a unique special ability which allows it to freeze enemies for a brief period of time, making it a particularly powerful piece of weaponry.

These two awesome items are sure to be popular among MM2 players, and are sure to be highly sought after. While the items are available on eBay, there is a limited number of copies available each day, so buyers should act quickly while they can. These items are sure to make any MM2 fan’s Halloween celebrations even more fun and exciting, and they are sure to make great additions to any player’s collection.

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