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Item Name: Black EVA Protective Travel Case Pouch For Nintendo DS Lite NDSL 3DS
Price: 8.09 USD only!!!
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As the world of gaming evolves, so do the need for protective cases that can keep your investments safe from scratches, dust and any possible harm it might face on its travels.

Introducing the Black EVA Protective Travel Case, a must-have item for any Nintendo DS Lite (NDSL) or Nintendo 3DS owner looking for a case that can protect their handheld console. This stylish, all-black case is crafted from durable, easy-to-clean EVA material, which is strong enough to keep your console safe during the roughest of journeys, wherever that may be.

The Black EVA Protective Travel Case is designed mainly to protect your handheld console, but if needed, it can double as an efficient carrying bag, as it features an organizer pocket that allows you to tidy and organize your game cartridges, charger, earphones, stylus, etc. Plus, a comfortable hand grip provides comfortable portability and a mesh pocket located on the outside allows you to store cables and other small accessories.

It should be noted that this Black EVA Protective Travel Case is designed to fit the Nintendo DS Lite (NDSL) and 3DS console models. It measures approx. 17cm (length) * 11.5cm (width) * 4.5cm (height) and can be found easily on eBay for a very reasonable price.

Overall, the Black EVA Protective Travel Case offers the perfect combination of protection and portability for any Nintendo DS Lite (NDSL) or Nintendo 3DS owner. It is made from durable materials, it offers an organizer pocket for your items, a comfortable hand grip and a mesh pocket for small accessories. Buyers can find this item easily on eBay for an attractive price.

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