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Item Name: Windows Server Remote Desktop Services | Terminal Services RDP RDS CAL License
Price: 240.00 USD only!!!
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Windows Server Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is an essential component of any modern server setup. With RDS, users can access their applications and desktops over an internet connection from any supported device. Windows Server RDS includes Terminal Services, a technology that enables access to remote applications and desktops over a network connection.

Terminal Services provide users with the ability to start, connect, and interact with programs and applications that are otherwise running on a remote machine. With Terminal Services, users can access the resources and data associated with a remote desktop system, such as printers, USB devices, and shared applications. To access these resources, users must have a license for the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) software.

RDP CAL (Client Access License) is a per-seat licensing model to access Windows Remote Desktop Services. Each RDP CAL allows a single user to connect to the remote desktop server with one user account at any given time. It is important to note that for each user, a separate RDP CAL will be needed. If additional users will be added in the future, additional licenses should be acquired.

Fortunately, these licenses are readily available – and widely available at competitive prices – from a variety of vendors, including eBay. eBay has a large selection of RDP CALs in various Windows Server versions, including 2003, 2008, 2012, and 2016. Depending on the version and the number of licenses purchased, costs can range from as little as $9 per license with discounts available for volume purchases.

RDP CALs purchased through eBay will be delivered through digital download. They can then be activated online via the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) and installed onto the server. Once the RDP CAL is activated, the server can allow the designated number of remote desktops to be connected.

In summary, Windows Server Remote Desktop Services is an essential component of a modern server rig that can be quickly and easily set up with an RDP license available from eBay. With RDP CAL, users can enjoy the benefits of remote desktop access for various applications and data, with additional licenses available for purchase as needed.

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