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Item Name: Skull & Co. NeoGrip:3 Pair Grips for Nintendo Switch OLED / Switch NO CARRY CASE
Price: 35.87 USD only!!!
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Our Review:
The Skull & Co. NeoGrip is the perfect accessory for any Nintendo Switch owner. Featuring three pairs of grips that are designed to fit any Switch OLED / Switch NO CARRY CASE, this is the perfect way to keep your gaming device secure and comfortable.

The set includes three different styles of grips: classic black, rose gold, and orange. Each grip is made from a lightweight, textured material that is both comfortable and durable. The back of the grip is curved to fit the back of the Switch and the grips stay in place with two sets of adjustable straps. The straps are also adjustable to ensure a secure fit no matter what size your Switch is.

The grips are designed to make gaming more comfortable, reducing hand fatigue and grip strain. They also help protect your Switch from drops and scratches by providing a thin layer of protection. With their unique designs, the grips give your Switch an eye-catching appearance.

The Skull & Co. NeoGrip is an affordable way to personalize your Switch and keep it secure. Although it does not come with a carrying case, the grips can be stored and carried easily in a backpack or other bag. So, if you’re looking for a way to protect and style your Switch, the Skull & Co. NeoGrip is a great option.

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