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Item Name: AC Power Cord Cable for PS4 & PS3 PS2 Slim Super Slim XBOX PC 2 Prong LAPTOP PSV
Price: 5.69 USD only!!!
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Are you looking for that perfect power cord that is the perfect match for your Playstation 4 or 3, Playstation 2 Slim and Super Slim, Xbox, PC and Laptop, or Playstation Vita? If you are, you’ll be pleased to know that eBay has the perfect AC Power Cord Cable for you.

This power cord is made with a two-prong cord style and is designed to fit a variety of electronic devices, including all versions of the Playstation, Xbox, and PC. In addition, this power cord is compatible with Sony Playstation Vitas. This cord is rated to provide excellent consistency and is UL approved, adding an extra layer of protection and reliability.

No matter the version of your device, you can be sure that this power cord is the perfect fit. And what’s more, the ten-foot cord length gives you plenty of leeway to plugin in different rooms or to position your device for more comfortable use. The power cord is covered in a durable PVC exterior, ensuring your cord is protected from any bends or twists, preserving its life so that you never have to worry about it being a fire hazard.

Doing your part for the environment is easy with this cord as well. This AC power cord is RoHS compliant, meaning it was designed from certified eco-friendly materials, so you can be sure that you are doing your part for the environment.

If you’re looking for an AC Power Cord Cable that is compatible with all versions of the Playstation, Xbox and PC, or with a Playstation Vita, you’ll be pleased to know that eBay has you covered. All you need to do is order your own AC Power Cord Cable for PS4 & PS3, PS2 Slim & Super Slim, XBOX, PC, and Laptop PSV today.

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